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About The Author

Hi! I’m Sarah


I am 24 years old and I am on the Canadian Track Cycling team working my way to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. What started as cooking for survival in post-secondary turned into a passion for creating flavourful and (mostly) healthy dishes!


Life can get really busy and complicated at times, but that doesn’t mean that cooking should be! As a full-time athlete time management is very important and so is maintaining a well-balanced diet. I’m here to inspire you with new and exciting recipes, that are approachable, appealing and easy to follow. I’m not going to lie, every once in a while I am up for a challenge in the kitchen and I will also share more ambitious recipes that will be well worth your time! 


My goal with this blog is to help you with fun and fresh ideas in the food department so that you can also manage your crazy lives while staying healthy, happy and well fed.  When my life gets busy my go-to is easy to prepare meals and batch cooking. I find this much easier to stay on a regimented eating plan and don’t resort to eating out. The way I find this works best for me, is to dedicate a few extra hours on a Sunday or pick a day mid-week that I am less busy to prepare the food and to disperse in to a few containers so they are ready to grab and go when I need them.


Food is our fuel and I am a strong believer in balance, especially when it comes to what we choose to consume. Our bodies thrive when we are fuelled properly with real wholesome food and little to no added preservatives. The most important thing we can do for our bodies is to provide the essential nutrients and fuel we need for maximizing good health. This will result in much more sustained energy throughout the day.


Jumping back to balance, we are allowed to treat ourselves every once in a while! Good food that may not necessarily fall under the category of “healthy” is still okay every once in a while! The key is everything in moderation. Your favourite meals and treats are also good for the soul, remember that!


If you have dietary restrictions due to allergies or a diet that you are following or whatever the case may be. You might read a recipe and see an ingredient that you are restricted from eating! That is okay!! If there is one thing I have learned over the past 6 years of cooking for myself is that you modify. Get creative and substitute that particular ingredient with something similar in consistency. I will always do my best to include recommendations for alternate ingredients that work well with that recipe.

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